Health Tote Bags

Partnership with MAIN Libraries and Atlantic Health Systems Libraries

Morristown, NJ – Getting vetted, reliable, and current information on a health topic is often not easy. Searching the Internet for material on a health topic can leave a patient overwhelmed by the amount of information and not in the position to determine which sites contain trustworthy information.

To address the problem of finding reliable and current information, the Atlantic Health Systems Libraries in Morris and Union Counties are pleased to announce their partnership with MAIN public libraries in making reliable and up-to-date information on mental health topics available to local residents. Through funding from Atlantic Health Systems Hospital, libraries have acquired books, DVDs, pamphlets, and other materials on mental health topics. The materials purchased were vetted by Atlantic Health Systems experts and are bundled into a tote bag. Library visitors can borrow the tote bag for 21 days to read the materials. Some of the materials are to be returned to the library, while others can be kept by the patron for future reference. Funding by the Atlantic Health Systems Libraries allows for replenishing the materials.

Janina Kaldan, Morristown Medical Center Library Manager, has commented that, “connecting people to health information is an integral part of our library services. Health Tote Bags empower our community members to make healthy choices and successfully manage their own and family health.”

16 libraries in the MAIN consortium are currently participating in the tote bag project. Each library participating in the partnership has chosen health topics pertinent to their community. Topics include but are not limited to Alzheimer’s disease, autism, diabetes/prediabetes, healthy weight, and substance abuse. Courtesy of the cooperative sharing agreements between MAIN libraries, users of MAIN libraries not participating in the program may request or check out a tote bag in person.

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