Back to School and the Library

Children’s eBooks, Teacher Library Cards and Library Card Signup Month

Morristown, NJ – Schools are back in session, but public libraries too are gearing up for the September rush. All
MAIN consortium library card holders may use the TumbleBooks Library to access digital children’s story books,
read along eBooks, videos, games and more. In order to help grant access to services like Tumblebooks, K‐12
teachers are now eligible for a public library card this year. Local libraries will also be celebrating National Library
Card Signup Month in September.

Library users may access TumbleBooks by visiting a participating library’s website or installing the app on their
device. Users will be asked for their library card number to verify their access. Visit your library’s website for a link
or go to:

Emily Weisenstein, Head of Youth Services at Madison Public Library co‐chairs the MAIN Youth Services
Committee and is a proponent of TumbleBooks. “It is a fantastic resource for our patrons,” stated Ms.
Weisenstein. “They offer a wide range of juvenile eBooks that children can access at anytime, anywhere – all they
need is an Internet connection and a library card. I especially like their selection of interactive picture books, which
allows children to read along with some of their favorite titles. It’s fun, easy to use, and popular.”

New in September is that K‐12 teachers can register for a full service library card in the town in which they teach
if they do not already reside in the MAIN public libraries service area. Phillip Berg, MAIN Executive Director,
explained, “The MAIN member libraries felt it important to help support the efforts of teachers and school libraries
by not just offering a limited courtesy library card to teachers, but a full access one.” He continued, “Educating
our young people is an important endeavor which (public libraries) can and should help as members of the greater
local community.”

MAIN libraries are joining the rest of the country in celebrating September as National Library Card Signup Month
because students and teachers are not the only ones who should be registering for library cards. Libraries across
the country will be seeking out all parts of their community in an attempt to register as many residents as possible
for a library card; library cards grant residents access to countless valuable resources and services. To learn more
about this annual nationwide event, visit

MAIN was originally created in 1980 when a number of Morris County’s libraries were automated with a shared
computer system. Over time, it has evolved into a full‐fledged public library consortium in and around the County,
which offers its members cost‐sharing opportunities, technical support, and an organizational structure conducive
to collaboration and efficient management of tax dollars.

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For further information, please contact Phillip Berg, MAIN Executive Director, or visit